Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I pray every morning. This morning something occurred to me. Not everyone knows this but my brother and I are both adopted. I have always believed that we were specially chosen for my parents.

When I was a young teen I was at a baseball game and an older woman came up to me and asked if I was related to "so-and-so Zahn". I said I wasn't sure and turned to my dad who was sitting a row behind me and asked him. He said yes, that was my grandmother (his mom). Keep in mind I never knew her, she died shortly after my parents married. The next words to me out of this Lady's mouth were unbelievable - you look just like her when she was your age.

My dad later talked to the woman and found out she was a cousin to my grandmother and they played as little girls. When my dad told her I was adopted she about had a heart attack and swore I was a reincarnation of her. :)

I always knew there was something special about my brother and I being "chosen" for my parents.

Now, as dad fights this horrible disease it occurs to me even more. I am thankful for my brother (Marty) and sister-in-law (Dee). They work at St. Marys in Rochester and understand Mayo Clinic. Plus, they work in the "heart" area and are able to help explain things to my dad. They have been able to help with the appointments too and give us a place to stay when we need it.

Then you have me - that daddy's little girl - who has turned into a strong willed women (much because of him). On the night before dad was to have his first appointment at Mayo, the hospital he was at in Waterloo was not going to release him and said we would have to cancel the appointment at Mayo. That sure the heck wasn't going to happen and I went all the way up to the head of patient advocacy at that hospital and made sure he got out. You could say I got in somewhat of a fight with the doctor - and I would do it all again!

So, it is no coinceidence that I look like my dad and my brother looks like my mom - My family was truly meant to be. I love them all.

God Bless!

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